2014 Honda Insight – Review

In the market of cheap hybrid cars, the Honda Insight stays a super-imposing entry. For 5 years, this car is present at automobile world. Now, it is basically acting as a weapon like a subcompact hybrid coupe, known to be very fuel-efficient as compared to Toyota Prius C.

The 2014 Honda Insight is not much upgraded and just refurbished version of 2012 with addition of battery pack, small styling updates, and interior materials are slightly revised.

Trim levels

The Honda Insight 2014 is a 4-door coupe car having seats for five passengers. It is available in 3 trim levels namely:

  • Base
  • LX
  • EX

Engine and Performance

The Insight is boosted by a hybrid system which includes gasoline engine of 1.3-liter combined with a battery pack of nickel-metal hydride and an electric motor. According to test-drive, an engine generated power of 98 HP and 123 pd-ft of torque.

Fuel Economy

The Honda Insight 2014 is considered as fuel-efficient car and rated as combined 42 mpg.

Interior Design and Special Features

Interiorly, the 2014 Honda Insight proposes basic adjustments, in base models mainly. As in base models, a center console is not present and for the stereo, a single speaker’s pair is available. Certainly, controls and gauges are placed right. Particularly, graphic displays are noteworthy that will assist in driving that how to be more fuel-efficient?

Seating Arrangement:

The front seats are very comfortable but the back seats are short for passenger’s head. Interior cargo space is adequate; however it may vary in different coupe cars.


The safety system of 2014 Honda Insight is improved by means of antilock brakes (i.e., back drum, front disc); traction and stability control, side airbags are also present with side curtain airbags and front-head restraints too. Navigation system with back camera is also included in this coupe package.


  • Economical fuel capacity.
  • Least expensive.
  • Handling and control is improved


  • Ride is bit unsophisticated.
  • Rear seats are cramped.


Ford Fiesta

Toyota Prius C

Toyota Auris hybrid


The estimated base price of Insight 2014 by Honda is about $19,086 to $24,030

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