2016 BMW X1 to launch in October

As part of its ongoing strategy to increase its share in the luxury car market, BMW has announced that the highly anticipated BMW X1 will be launched in October 2015. The launch has been scheduled right in time for the car sales to pick up and with Christmas just two months off, consumers will be flocking to see what the new model from the luxury car market powerhouse has to offer.


As was anticipated in the past few months, the BMW X1 is going to be part of the company’s recent foray into the small car market which has been growing in the Asian and emerging markets around the world. The X1 model follows the BMW 1 series that was launched earlier this year and the 2 Series Active Tourer that made its entry in December 2014.

Technical Details

The BMW X1 is being touted as the model that will cement BMW’s position in the global small car luxury market. The model has been designed to have two petrol-operated units in the engine and three diesel-operated ones. All five units have a capacity of 2.0 litres each and the output for the cylinders ranges between 150 hp and 231 hp on the roads.

Greater Efficiency

The efficiency of the car also promises an improvement over previous models. The company states that the 6-speed transmission provides reduced fuel consumption up to a maximum of 17 percent. Moreover, the model also promises to lower emissions thereby contributing to a cleaner drive and a healthier environment.

Superior Driving Experience

In terms of the technology features of the BMW X1, the model offers some interesting developments. These features include those that enhance the overall driving experience as well as safety features that make driving safer for the driver. An important feature is a head-up display. In addition, the model also comes with a Driving Assistant feature which includes Active Cruise Control for a more efficient and controlled driving experience. These features offer an entertaining drive and also a superior performance to the driver.

Safety Features

The BMW X1 has a novel Traffic Jam Assistant feature which helps the driver save time by navigating more efficiently in traffic jams. More importantly, the feature allows the car to conserve fuel and reduce emissions for as long as it is stuck in the traffic. The car also has its very own Lane Departure Warning system which guides the driver and warns the driver when the car is about to cross into a neighboring lane on the road. This will help to reduce accidents as well as traffic fines for shifting lanes.

Another important feature that enhances the safety of the car is the Collision Warning feature which issues a warning whenever it senses that the car is about to collide with another. Similarly, the Pedestrian Warning system enables the driver to identify people on the road thus reducing the risk of fatal accidents. The launch of the BMW X1 is already generating a lot of excitement and its launch will probably be a much discussed and covered event.

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