Auto Expo 2014 to be held in Greatet Noida: SIAM

The (SIAM) Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, arranger of the Auto Expo has declared an alteration of location for the best of country and most excitedly for automobile Expo. SIAM has declared that the 2014 Auto Expo will be prearranged at Greater Noida as of February 6-12 in place of the usual location Pragati Maidan.

Safety Planning

Detailed safety planning has been prepared for the 12th edition of Auto Expo-Motor Show which takes place in  Noida from February 7, business body SIAM said. The week extended event will be together planned by Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA), CII and SIAM. A three-layer security system has been put in place at the venue. Said by deputy director general Sugato Sen. And the venue will be CCTV camera controlled and different compulsory safety tools like metal detectors, scanners etc. would as well be installed.


According to Society the auto show dates have been rearranged from January to February in order to ignore in harmonious with the Detroit Auto Show. As the normal location was not accessible in February for the necessary dates, SIAM had no choice then to select a different venue. Pragati Maidan has constantly been home-based of the Auto Expo since its beginning by means of the expo continuously kicking off in the New Year first week.

Vishnu Mathur, director general, talking to the press later the declaration, he said, “In the next Auto Expo, which will take place from 6-12 February, they will be presenting simple vehicles and equipment at the Mart in Greater Noida and India Expo Center.

Press Release

A press release from Manufactures said “The Auto Expo will be take place in two place in February 2014, The Motor Show is organized from 7 to 11 February at a different venue, the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, and the Component show will take place from 6-9 February 2014 at Pragati Maidan,”.

Auto Expo Motor

The Show of Auto Expo Motor will be held at a place spreading through 58 acres of land. It will contain exhibition of cars, commercial vehicles, vintage cars, two-wheelers, three-wheelers, multi-utility vehicles, super cars, super bikes and concept vehicles.

Major Exhibitors

Few of the exhibitors contain Honda Cars India, Datsun, Audi India, Eicher Motors, Fiat Group Automobiles, Ashok Leyland,  said.

“It is decided that, there will be six entry and six exit gates by sufficient safety plan, and it is said that there will be online booking for the first time of the 12th edition of Auto Expo,”

The move in place is possible to be seen as a comfortable breather by the well-wishers of the Indian automobile industry. Many industry insiders have spoken out in the past regarding the deficiency of sufficient services at Pragati Maidan which didn’t match to the global automobile shows standard’s. There have as well been rumors of mishandling and lack of sufficient crowd controller measures because of infrastructure associatedproblems which caused in visitor entrance being limitedthroughout the 2012 Auto Expo.

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