BMW X3 Review

The all-new BMW X3 Sports Utility Vehicle was designed to handle rough terrain and harsh conditions with ease. With its stronger and more advanced external build, its comfortable interior features and its high-tech gadgets, the BMW X3 is quite possibly the most efficient and reliable family car of this generation.

The X3 offers adjustable: comfort, sports, and Eco Pro features for its passengers, so that you can adapt your vehicle to match your mood and environment. The BMW X3 is equipped with a touchscreen navigation system and Apple CarPlay, which includes access to all of your calls, texts and music, offering you a more relaxed drive, no matter where you’re headed. The interior touchscreen navigation system also guides the driver from one place to another, without any confusion or stress!

Car Specialist Peter Quinn of Emerald Vehicle Sales has stated that ‘The X3 is the perfect car for all Petrol Heads, it has precise handling, an impressive grip all topped an incredible top speed, its perfectly well rounded.’

With its beautifully crafted interior features and luxurious leather seats to enhance the ostentatious appearance, the BMW X3 is certainly a good-looking SUV. Its dashboard layout is more precise and logical, therefore easier to manage, resulting in smooth performance. For many proud SUV owners, comfort, persistence and resilience is key to any perfect journey, and that is exactly what this model offers.

Rivals of the BMW X3 simply cannot compare to the all-new and improved model and its advanced features. The larger build means that the X3 has more passenger space, accommodating between 5 and 7 people at any given time. Its sizeable external frame means that there is more luggage space available too.


The stunning new BMW X3 Sports Utility Vehicle is becoming extremely popular, and is boosting sales for the brand, due to its advanced technological features, efficiency and practicality. The X3 is a truly triumphant family motor. Nevertheless, like most cars nowadays, the BMW X3 is not entirely faultless and may not be for everyone, particularly drivers who find larger vehicles difficult to handle.

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