3 Reasons You Should Never Buy Your Car New

New Car sales are currently at their highest since 2007, so with the zeitgeist favouring the new car market, you might be wondering whether you should bother with looking for your next car used.  The answer to that question is that yes, you should not ignore the used car market, and in fact you should probably do the opposite and leave the new car market alone instead.  Here are 3 of the best reasons why you should never buy your car new.


Used Cars Depreciate Less

When you purchase your car brand new from the factory floor, it begins to depreciate as soon as it leaves the factory.  This means that you’ve purchased a vehicle at its highest possible price point, and then when it comes to sell it, its inherent value will be significantly less.  Buying a used car will be less expensive than new, and by proxy, your investment won’t depreciate in value as quickly or as significantly.  This means that you won’t lose out when you come to trade in that used car after its outlived its worth to you.

No Expensive Add-Ons

One of the worst potential things about buying a car is your interaction with your sales person at the dealership.  Although you might think that the price tag on your new car is final, your dealer will likely try to sell you sometimes unnecessary add-ons which raise your price tag significantly and take your end purchase price over your budget max limit. These problems don’t exist in the used car market, where what you see is literally what you get.  This makes the used car market great for those of us who have less self-restraint than you’d like, or for those of us who want the final price to be the final price.

The True Cost of Value

If you look at the real terms differences between a new and used car, the gap isn’t really that significant.  Modern cars are built to last for at least 100,000 miles, so if you buy your car used, it can still last for years and years.  This means that the difference between a used vehicle and a new one is minute – why wouldn’t you buy a used car?

Ultimately, there are a large number of reasons to choose a used car over a new one; you don’t have to take out word for it either. So leave the new car forecourts behind and head to your local or online used car dealer today.

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