The Most Spacious Family Cars On The Market


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When you’re getting a family car, you need a machine that’s not only going to fit all your passengers, but also have the storage space for all those daytrips and holidays. Even if you and your family are great at travelling light, it pays to know that you have that extra room to fall back on. To start you off on your search, here are some of the most spacious family hatchbacks currently on the market.

Skoda Octavia

When you first look at this model, you might assume that the Octavia is a saloon. However, that will all change when you open the boot. The rear hatch comes up to reveal an incredible 590-litre capacity. Furthermore, it has a few parts from the VW Golf as part of its makeup, which is one more testament to the Octavia’s build quality. The massive boot space is pretty convincing enough, but in the cabin there are also tons of little storage compartments and cubby holes, which can be a massive help when it comes to storing every little thing your family wants to bring along. Aside from these convenient features, the Octavia is really fun to drive for a hatchback. The frugal diesel engines are handy for getting around town, and wonderfully torquey once you get onto the motorway.

Ford Focus

If someone asked me to sum up Ford with one car, I’d show them to a Focus. This car really sums up the comfort, convenience and practicality that makes this car a gem of dealerships like TCH Harrison Ford. The positioning of the driver’s seat is close to perfect, and the rear passengers have ample legroom for even the longest of journeys. Provided there isn’t three of them and they’re abnormally tall, of course! When you open the boot, you’ll be fairly pleased with the space as it is. However, the back seats can all split and fold to create up to 1,262 litres! Certain trims you can find get even more roomy, so you could certainly do worse than a Focus.

Honda Civic

Although Honda are associated more with engineering prestige than family-friendliness, the latest model of Civic has been a wonderful surprise. The room for both luggage and passengers is very impressive. Five people can get in the car comfortably, and the interior materials have a sturdy, reassuring feel to them. A 478 litre boot space allows you to take anything you need with you, and the rear seats can be raised to create even more storage space. While the Civic is a little bulkier than many other hatchbacks, it’s not something you’ll never get used to, and it’s a very practical car to drive. The 1.6 diesel model gives you all the power you could want, both in built-up areas and on the motorway, and it can fetch you a cool 75mpg. The Civic has a great reputation behind it, so why not find out where this comes from?

If you’re sick of feeling cramped in your current family car, then set your sights on one of these!

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