Important Accessories for Fuel Storage

If your car business has recently installed, or is looking to fit a fresh fuel solution, then to maximise its impact there are a few further accessories required. Don’t worry though; these items will cost a fraction of what your new fuel tank did, while increasing its efficiency, safety and ease of use for employees. Fuel storage is often one of the biggest expenses for car businesses and spending that little bit extra on a few useful accessories is going to prove far more cost-effective in the grand scheme of things than not bothering.


Fuel Transfer Pumps

Installing the correct fuel transfer pump is vital for the most efficient method of fuel transfer. Opting for the cheapest or otherwise incorrect version can cause serious problems, most likely resulting in fuel spillage that will harm your finances as well as fuel storage facilities. There are many types of transfer pumps available so to pick the correct one for your needs it is best to ask an expert when looking at purchasing one.

Copper Pipe

10mm copper oil pipe can be installed over or underground to safely transfer the liquefied petroleum gas vapour. Basic copper piping will be easily damaged, so choosing piping with a protective outer layer to prevent corrosion, heat loss and condensation is essential. When laid above ground the piping should avoid a path that could cause physical damage (away from where vehicles drive) and excessive temperatures. If in doubt consult technical support staff.


Both internal and standard tigerloops are available from Commercial Fuel Solutions which are used to provide a cleaner, more efficient flame with less soot. The main difference between the two depends on whether you want to install one internally or externally. Otherwise they both enable a single pipe system from the tank to external wall and can draw fuel from tanks up to 100m away.

Safety Equipment

Safety is extremely important when dealing with fuel storage. When placing oil pipes underground oil pipe warning tape must legally be put up 150mm below ground level to warn of the piping. For fire safety and to meet current building regulations a remote acting fire valve must be installed. In the event of a fire this prevents the fuel supply from further fuelling the fire. Both these items are relatively cheap, especially as they can help save lives in the event of a disaster, so should be added to your shopping list immediately.

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