What You Need To Know About Owning A Plugin Car

Plugin cars, hybrids and electrically fuelled motors of all kinds are making their rise. They’ve been making their rise for years now, really. What once seemed like a fringe idea is becoming more and more mainstream. We’re starting to see more of them on the streets and we’re also seeing more gas stations cater to them. You might be swaying towards the side that promises ecological sensitivity. If so, your heart’s in the right place. But what’s the truth about plugin vehicles? What are the pros and cons? How do you keep them working? We’re going to inform you on just that.



The advantages

For one thing, the savings you can make on these things are fantastic. Many cars even offer incentives that get your spending back from the government thanks to going green. Even with hybrids, they rely on electric first. So long as you keep the battery charged regularly, you’re making minimum spending on fuel. A lot of the expensive engine work of the past is gone, now, thanks to the fact that these ones require a lot less maintenance. Add to that the superior fuel economy of an electric car and it’s easy to see the pluses.



The disadvantages

These motors don’t come without their own drawbacks, however. In the past, lack of a track record and available power stations were a big concern. We’re seeing more cars and more power stations nowadays, but they’re still not as widely available as we’d like. Take into account just how long it takes to charge them as well and you’ll find yourself with less available time to use them. Finally, electric cars are, simply put, less powerful. If performance is a big issue for you, you’ll find these motors often lacking.



Keeping it charged

Keeping your car charged is the primary concern for everyone driving one of these since we’re still waiting for more stations to open up. However, sites like Plugshare.com can tell you where you nearest one is, wherever you are. You can also get some of the best EV charger solutions for your own home. That way, even if you can’t find one near you, you can at least keep your car charging at home when you’re not using it.



Boosting its performance

One of the main concerns people have with electric cars. They can be seriously lacking in performance when compared to their more conventional cousins. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little extra kick out of them. Check out some of the tips for boosting your car if you want to get some more excitement in it.



Going halfway

The thing with the electric car industry is that it’s still young. Lots of people start with hybrids, but which do you choose? There are four main competitors. The Ford Fusion Energi SE. The Toyota Prius Plug-in. The Honda Accord Plug-in. Finally, the Chevy Volt. But which should you get? This article from Popular Mechanics has a great comparison to help you decide.

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