Lexus LC500 review

When you think of luxury car brands, we wouldn’t blame you for casting your mind to the Germans. Their cars are prime examples of luxury, refinement and value for money. However, they’re not the only manufacturers in this sector, Jaguar and Maserati can fit into this segment too, but if you really want to stand out, Lexus is the way to go.

Our roads are filled with boring saloons and hatchbacks that all vaguely resemble each other. If you buy the Lexus however, there’s no risk of being ignored. The contour grille is an instant eye-catcher and the sharply defined headlights will have everyone craning their necks to catch another glimpse.

When choosing your Lexus, you have 2 choices of engine, the brutal petrol V8 or the petrol V6 assisted by electric motors. Of the 250 cars allocated for Britain, 162 have been ordered so far, with nearly half of these being the more expensive hybrid version. The Brits are also keen on their sporty aesthetic with the majority of the V8 buyers optioning the sport-plus package. The hybrid buyers largely went for base-spec; although this is by no means under-equipped.

The LC500 fits its spec of being a long-legged grand tourer perfectly, the multi-adjusting seats are excellent for soaking up the miles whilst the suspension does an excellent job of hiding the fact you’re riding on massive alloys with an exceptionally comfortable ride. Flick the sports switch however and the car transforms itself. The suspension firms up, throttle response is instant and the steering is more precise. It’s one of few cars that can hold a candle to the Lexus LFA; high praise indeed.

The hybrid version of the car is slightly more complex, there isn’t a turbo in sight, just a naturally aspirated engine connected to a 10-speed CVT gearbox. The electric motor provides a healthy 177bhp too. The exceptionally complex gearbox is an engineering masterpiece, despite its 354bhp output, the luxury car from Japan can still put out an impressive 44.1mpg.

The interior is as refined as you’d expect. Lexus have a reputation for making attractive cabins and they haven’t disappointed here. A slick multimedia system is situated in the centre of the dash, controlled via a touchpad; while this isn’t as intuitive as other options, it gets the job done.

The Lexus LC500 is an extremely attractive car, it offers alternatives for the environmentally concerned amongst us while also presenting a truly fun yet refined vehicle. It’s also capable of rivalling cars far out of its price range, the Bentley Continental for example. The Lexus may be a left field option, but it is one everyone should consider before looking at the standard German trio.

‘I’ve always admired Lexus, they bring something different to the market. Their design may be different but it’s often far more attractive than anything else on the market. They also produce some of the best hybrids around.’ Ronnie Jones, C.H Render.

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