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No-Fault Car Insurance

Having no-fault auto insurance is good because it speeds up the claims process by requiring the insurance companies of both drivers to pay for the injuries. Various states are considered no-fault, which means that their car insurance companies don‘t leave one person paying for the damages done. If you live in a no-fault state, then neither driver is completely at fault, this doesn’t mean there is no one responsible. It just ensures that all expenses are paid for — sometimes one driver doesn’t have enough. So no matter who is at fault, the insurance company pays for the accident. Although, if you don’t get coverage that protects yourself, you won’t be covered for medical expenses if another driver is the cause of the accident. The insurance the other driver has only covers them, not you.

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What Should We Expect from Future Cars?

Automakers around the world are primarily focusing on three features namely self-driving, active safety features and internet connectivity. All these features are a part of the premium luxury cars offered by companies like Tesla, BMW etc. But what else automakers are working on to make their offerings better than others? YourParkingSpace found just that!

The parking website has generated an infographic which shows emerging technologies that could one day feature on our cars. They believe future cars will be encompassing safety sensors, theft protection system, biometric vehicle access, autonomous driving capabilities, advanced cameras, electric motors, precharged brakes and energy storing body panels. The interiors will be equipped with an interactive heads-up display, full connectivity with the internet, an app central and a health monitoring system. How all these car techs will help motorists? Go through the infographic below for details:

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How the 2017 Honda Accord Beats the Competition

The 2017 Honda Accord may seem modest by current standards, but it ticks all the right boxes. It is consistently placed in the top positions for its performance and value for money in several rankings. It is one of the few cars that are beautifully designed, perform well, are safe, and give good value for money. The 2017 Honda Accord falls in the family sedan category, and offers sufficient space and style for the purpose. The Accord range also offers considerable variety, with the product line consisting of two different body styles, a hybrid model, and three engines. Given this variety, the Accord has performed consistently well against major competitors such as the Chevrolet Malibu and Mazda 6.

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The 2017 Honda Accord is essentially the updated Accord from the middle of 2016. In terms of design, the 2017 model offers a firmer chassis, enlarged wheels, and a wider range of features. The upper trim now boasts of LED headlights whereas the Touring trim makes the model very attractive. The updated model also has a redesigned rear and front end. Safety features have been added to make the ride comfortable as well as safe. Some of the features include lane-departure alarms, collision warning systems, and cruise control. The 2018 model is expected to be a complete overhaul of the 2017 model.

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