Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Jaguar have made an impressive return with the XF Sportbrake. Needless to say, the latest model is much more advanced than the first, surpassing all expectations of quality, comfort and appearance. Its practicality and performance has received slight improvements, resulting in an even more impressive model.

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BMW X3 Review

The all-new BMW X3 Sports Utility Vehicle was designed to handle rough terrain and harsh conditions with ease. With its stronger and more advanced external build, its comfortable interior features and its high-tech gadgets, the BMW X3 is quite possibly the most efficient and reliable family car of this generation.

The X3 offers adjustable: comfort, sports, and Eco Pro features for its passengers, so that you can adapt your vehicle to match your mood and environment. The BMW X3 is equipped with a touchscreen navigation system and Apple CarPlay, which includes access to all of your calls, texts and music, offering you a more relaxed drive, no matter where you’re headed. The interior touchscreen navigation system also guides the driver from one place to another, without any confusion or stress!

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10 essential bike parts and when to replace them

  1. Oil filters

A good set of oil filters is mandatory for ensuring that your oils in your bike, i.e. transmission oil, lubricants and engine oil, remain free of impurities and particulates that can reduce their efficiency. The oil filter is fitted in the internal combustion engine and should be replaced ideally every three months.

  1. Sprockets

Sprockets are the gears that are placed in the front and rear wheels on your bike. The sprockets help to maintain a desirable gear ratio for your bike. The combination of number of gears and engine RPM determines the overall speed of your bike wheels. Sprockets should be replaced when the chain stretches away easily from the sprockets.

  1. Headlight

A headlight or headlamp is a very common but important device from a safety perspective. Having a functioning headlight can make the difference between avoiding an accident and ending up in a pile on the road. Replace your headlight every two months with a good aftermarket motorcycle headlight before it becomes too dim or dies out completely.

  1. Air filter

The air filter is a very important part of your bike that increases the efficiency of your bike. Its main purpose is to protect the engine of your bike from dust and other impurities in the air as it is sucked into the bike. A good air filter results in increased horsepower. A good strategy is to change the air filter with each oil change.

  1. Carburetor

The carburetor controls the amount of car that enters the engine. It is important that the carburettor is clean so that the air flows smoothly through the vents and the engine burns the fuel more efficiently. The carburetor needs to be replaced whenever the float or jets are damaged.

  1. Exhaust

The exhaust system of a bike directs exhaust gases out of the system. These gases are produced as a result of burning fuel in the engine. Exhaust systems last for a long time, so you may want to replace your current exhaust system if you are looking for one that can enhance your bike’s speed or a more durable one. You may want to replace Honda dirt bike parts if you are a heavy user on rough terrains.

  1. Transmission

The transmission system of a bike is driven by the set of gears. Some bikes come with four gear transmission systems while others come with six gear transmission systems. You may need to get a new transmission system for your bike if your clutch gets broken or damaged.

  1. Cooling

All bikes come with some kind of cooling mechanism. In some bikes, the system is based on air cooling while in other bikes it is based on liquid cooling. Air cooling is the primary method of cooling the bike whereas oil cooling is when the bike gets heated up beyond a certain point. Oil coolants need to be changed every 10,000 km.

  1. Spark plugs:

A spark plug is a device that transfers current from the ignition system to the engine of your bike. You can tell if a spark plug is working well by checking the color of the sparks. Blue sparks indicate a good spark plug while yellow sparks means that it is time to replace the spark plug.

  1. Mirrors

It goes without saying why mirrors are so useful on motorbikes. They help you stay on the right side of the road and be alert to incoming traffic. Mirrors should be replaces as soon as they get cracked or fogged up over time.

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