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Our Favorite Car Safety Features This Season

We all want different things from a new car. Some people want their cars to go really fast, others want them to be luxurious, and other want a banging sound system. But there’s one thing that most people can agree on: the importance of safety.

Whether you commute to work every day, or you want to keep your kids safe, here are the safety features you want on your new car this season.

Pedestrian Detection

Up until now, most new cars have come with a rear-view camera to detect pedestrians, especially children, walking around the rear bumper. Vendors, including Safety Dave, have built systems that can be used to upgrade any car.

But now car makers are using radar systems to automatically detect whether pedestrians are stepping into the path of cars. Volvo, the Swedish car giant, was the first to introduce this type of technology in its top-of-the-range XC90 model. But now it’s a common feature among Mercedes, Toyota, Kia and Hyundai cars. Experts in the industry predict that by 2018, all manufacturers will offer some type of pedestrian detection system on their cars.

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But pedestrian detection won’t just stop at radar. In fact, we might find, if Tesla is anything to go by, that pedestrian detection returns to cameras. The difference will be that it won’t be humans monitoring the feeds from these cameras but the car’s computer itself. With advances in machine learning, computers are learning to recognize people and, crucially, to predict what they will do next. Computers are beginning to understand what humans look like and know that their goal is to make sure that the vehicle avoids colliding with them at all costs. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and advisor to President Trump, has said that his cars already have this capability and that future software updates will rollout this capability for the entire fleet.

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Advice For Buying Your First Classic Car

It is not unusual for consumers, at some point, to be bitten by the classic car bug. Whether you just went to a car show or have been surfing car websites for hours, there is something that is pushing you towards buying that first classic car. There are some tips new classic car buyers should follow to make sure they get what they want without feeling like they wasted their money.


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The Most Spacious Family Cars On The Market


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When you’re getting a family car, you need a machine that’s not only going to fit all your passengers, but also have the storage space for all those daytrips and holidays. Even if you and your family are great at travelling light, it pays to know that you have that extra room to fall back on. To start you off on your search, here are some of the most spacious family hatchbacks currently on the market.

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