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Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

There are  a lot of companies producing Hybrid cars in automotive industry. Hybrid cars have many advantages but also there are disadvantages are appeared in Hybrids.

The not so distant future

Back in the nineties there was this old Jetsons’ cartoon where all the characters are placed in a future setting and live their lives in houses built really high in space. They would travel in these flying cars and life was much simpler. They would have pills for dinner and robots as servants. It seems that with our technology progressing everyday those days are not very far. Especially the sudden advancements made in the past decade were unimaginable.

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Single-passenger robot car by Hitachi Japan

Long gone are the days when man had to travel on foot to get to any place. However when man got tired of it, he built something that would make his life easier.

The not so long ago past

Hence now, we have facilities like cars, planes and trains to take us to our desired destination. Therefore now with the everyday advances in technology that provides ease to people like anything, one cannot wait to see what more is up ahead on their way. Now, when man has gotten tired of driving as well, we wish for some kind of another technology that would take us anywhere by not wasting any time or energy.


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Autos ReviewsBMW

Top 5 Best BMW Cars – Latest Reviews

We all want and desire the best in life. We want to have the best of friends, the best of spouse, the best of kids and even the best car.

BMW – A High Quality Automotive Company

in order to get that best of everything we do whatever that we have to, to achieve it. We put all our entire hard work and passion in to getting that one best thing. However when we do not get that one thing, it disappoints us. Our expectations of that best thing are diminished and we have to compromise on the quality- which is obviously sad and upsetting. Especially when it comes to cars, you would want to have the best design, the best performance and the best engine. So where does a person get all that, that kind of perfect combination?


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