2013 Compact Cars Buyers Guide

“A compact car (North America), or small family car in British acceptation, is a classification of cars that are larger than a subcompact car but smaller than a mid-size car, equating roughly to the C-segment in Europe.”
Or simply say that a car which is neither large nor small comes under the category of “Compact car.”
In the year 2013, small cars are in renaissance in the automotive souk all over the world. The compact wheels released this year and got famous are furnished here (for your guidance) in the form of a smorgasbord to relish while reading. Get a load of it:-


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Auto Comparison

Jeep Wrangler VS Toyota FJ Cruiser – A Jeep Comparison

Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ Cruiser are strong opponents. And you know that things are only compared when they have some similarities too. Therefore, we will first chalk out the similarities between them and then ponder over the comparison and contrast.

Jeep Wrangler at a Glance

2013 Jeep Wrangler and off-road fun are synonyms. Its V6 makes it go anywhere; be it is a hill-side or a metropolitan. This dual-door vehicle EPA-estimated gas mileage is 17 mpg city & 21 mpg highway. Its reliability and safety scores are unfortunately, just okay. However, it has a marvelous suspension.

The rough-looking Jeep says it all via its outlook, which is actually meant for rough terrains. Wrangler is available in both types: convertible trim and non-convertible trim level.


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2015 Ferrari California Replacement Spy Shots – Review

The engineers of the Ferrari California are planning for the replacement and testing of the car to increase its performance. The engineers are found testing the car near Ferrari’s testing track located in Italy. The company is using the current model of the Ferrari California to hide the information and updates about the new version. The Ferrari California is basically a convertible roadster offering two plus two seating arrangements. This is the most affordable car of the brand that is designed to deliver a sporty feel as well as can meet your day to day requirements. The focal point of the engineering team of the Ferrari California is to improve the car in each and every aspect like performance, styling, weight, interior and convenience etc.


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