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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel – Review

For Good

powerful engine, luxurious features, and excellent off-road drive.


less cargo storage, pricy than rivals


$28,795 – $ 63, 195

Overview and Slandered Features

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel is in good books of almost all the major reviewers and analysts of the internet like, Edmunds, CNET and Kelly Blue Book etc.


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Top 10 Cars

Top 10 Fastest Cars

These exotic beasts are the 2013-14 best velocity cars. With velocity varies from 268 mph to 217 mph. These super-speed machines leave every one gape and wonder how perfectly these are created with super engines and astonishing exterior. Take a look:-

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

This car has done it all. Like 2012, it has won the title of “The Fastest Car of 2013” as well.
With a top speed of 268 mph produced by 1200 horse power, it leaves behind all rivals.
$ 2.4 million is its price, although high but defiantly what else you expect to pay for a fastest car on earth?


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Economy CarsTop 10 Cars

Top 10 Best Fuel Economy Cars

Fuel economy is one of the biggest and top concerns of the car buyers because of the rapidly growing prices of fuels. Almost all auto manufacturing companies claim to deliver an utmost fuel economy but unfortunately, in real world performance most of them failed to achieve impressive figures. However, there are certain vehicles that are able to deliver impressive fuel economy and therefore are loved by lots of car buyers. Following is the list of top 10 best and impressive fuel economy cars that is comprised on the basis of customer reviews.

Best Fuel Economy range

The best fuel economy range is different for different types of vehicles. Following is the list of combined best fuel economy of different types of cars.

  • Hatchbacks = 38 mpg
  • Subcompact cars = 31mpg
  • Sports cars = 28 mpg
  • Family sedans = 26 mpg
  • Luxury cars = 24 mpg
  • Wagons = 26 mpg
  • Compact SUVs = 22 mpg
  • Large SUVs = 18 mpg
  • Minivans =19 mpg
  • Pickups = 16 mpg

Here is the detail of  top 10 best fuel economy cars

1.    Toyota Yaris (2011)

A nice addition to the subcompact segment that offers and impressive 32 mpg combined fuel economy with lots of good interior and exterior features. The car is a perfect match for those who want value for their every single penny.


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