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2013 Toyota Highlander – A MidSized Suv Review

Thumbs up for

gas mileage, quiet-ride, impressive interior

Thumbs down for

steering feels meager, dull four-cylinder engine,


$ 29,020- $ 39,400

Overview of 2013 Toyota Highlander 2013

2013 Toyota highlander is one of the top five affordable SUVs of this year. Analysts have praised its family focused qualities like a catchy, usable interior plus enjoyable excursion.


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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel – Review

For Good

powerful engine, luxurious features, and excellent off-road drive.


less cargo storage, pricy than rivals


$28,795 – $ 63, 195

Overview and Slandered Features

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel is in good books of almost all the major reviewers and analysts of the internet like, Edmunds, CNET and Kelly Blue Book etc.


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