Toyota Matrix 2013 – Review

“Though it offers plenty of practicality and comfort, the … Toyota Matrix has been overshadowed by newer competing hatchbacks.” — Edmunds

Hatchback cars are sportier and more stylish than the saloons; this is exactly the quality Toyota Matrix 2013 has taken. It has attracted younger riders more on such basis; but practically, it is less sporty than its design suggests.
The new Toyota Matrix 2013 is highlighted for its jaunty roofline, enjoyable ride, broad backseat, automatic controls, safe to handle, city-friendly mobility, latest audio system and flat load floor but it has some serious cons as well like it is not recommended for tall drivers, boring interior clean-cut and frustrating fuel economy.


It is available in two basic models and it price ranges from MSRP $ 19,275 to $ 22,415.
Its base model has 132 horsepower and 1.8L 4-cylinders engine while the other model includes 158 horsepower and 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engines. 1.8 liter engine is better for an all-wheel-drive in our opinion. It has a comparatively smaller engine which is making it sluggish while driving. It has a lesser gas mileage, it means that Toyota Matrix will only get 32 mpg highway, at the most. This makes it less appealing for racers or highway rovers.

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Jaguar F-Type – The World Car of the Best Design Review

zThe New York Auto Show is one of the popular auto shows where every year lots of auto manufacturing companies display their cars in general public.

Jaguar F-Type – Best Car Design Winner

At the end of the show, usually the authorities of the show declare some better cars for different categories like design, fuel efficiency, power etc. In this year, at the New York Auto Show the award of best car design received by the 2014 Jaguar F-Type roadster.The competitors of the Jaguar F-Type were the Aston Martin Vanquish and 2014 Mazda6. On March 28, the Jaguar F-Type declared the world’s best car design among the 43 competitors. It is a prestigious honor for the model and for the brand. The long wheelbase, flared fenders and short overhangs are the key features that made it possible for the car to own the crown.


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Honda Pilot 2013 – A Lovely Drive Review

The Honda team is one of the leading car producers. The Honda Pilot 2013 is yet another car of Honda. The Honda Pilot is different in its own way. Like all cars, it has certain advantages and disadvantages. However, due to its applicability and well thought design, it has hit the market with a boom! The Honda Pilot became famous, as soon as it was released. It gathered a lot of people going for it on test runs and driving it, and finally – buying it.

Interior and Exterior Design of Honda Pilot

About the Honda Pilot 2013 it has a great interior and exterior design. Both, which have equally satisfied the demand of the customers. People have commended on its function which is easy and accessible. Unlike complex push buttons, it is user friendly. It also has good handling and lets the driver have a good control over the car.


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