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Detroit Auto show 2013 – Review

If you are a huge vehicles fan and love auto cars then this article is definitely for you. There was a time when cars did not exist and people only relied on the invention horse carriages to take them to places. Now, here we are in the 21st century bombarded with commercial, after commercial of different cars with further sub categories. It might be too much for people, but for the loyal fans of the cars (and their respective brands) it never gets old and they are keen on any new car that comes into the market and cannot wait to get their hands on it.


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Volkswagen Golf R – Review

Volkswagen is the largest automotive company in the automobile industry producing the most successful cars with so beautiful designs.

Looking for a car with an honest review?

It has become really hard to trust all these people that you meet in these car shows who represent different cars. How can anyone trust them? They never talk about the actual pros and cons of a car and just emphasize on how good the car would look on the person and the certain personality that the car has and how it resembles to that person.

Of course they want to sell and they do not worry or care about the fact that their wrong information could mislead a person into making a decision that he would regret. It is so hard to get an honest review these days. This is exactly why we have written this article to show you, the actual pros and cons of this 2012 Volkswagen model.


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Ferrari 458 Italia – Review

The 2012 Ferrari 458 is actually a two-seat out of the ordinary sports car presented in two body styles at the moment. The coupe is named as the Ferrari Italia and the convertible is known as the Spider.

Ferrari 458 Italia

There are a lot o f sports car fans or rather huge Ferrari fans that were impatiently waiting for the Ferrari 458 Italia to come out. And when it did, I know for a fact that they were not disappointed- because when you drive a Ferrari you already know the fine quality and excellent performance to expect. However this time the performance will leave you drooling over it for days. The Ferrari 458 Italia is said to be so good that Enzo would be proud of this Ferrari.


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