Why You Should Never Represent Yourself After Getting a Speeding Ticket

Exceeding the speed limit: most drivers have done it before, and many have received costly tickets as result. Unfortunately, not every traffic stop is based on a legitimate infraction, and many individuals have been penalized due circumstances such as human error or technology failure. Avoiding unjust punishment means fighting these types of charges, and you always stand a better chance at success with a qualified attorney in your corner.

Nobody is Perfect

Thisadage applies to everyone, law enforcement included. When speeding tickets are written, however, inconsistenciescan result in a case being swiftly dismissed. An experienced traffic attorney will know just what to look for, including common evidential mistakes such as:

  • Incorrect information reported on thecitation;
  • Improper use of radar or other equipment;
  • Equipment failure or other functional issues.

Time is Money

Fighting a speeding ticket can be a very time-consuming process. It typically involves research, court dates and other obligations that are quite challenging without the benefit of existing knowledge. Professional representation, such as a ca speeding ticket lawyer, spares you much of the stress and legwork, and while there is usually an associated upfront cost, this expense can save you a bundle should you ultimately prevail.

Risk Versus Reward

In other words, weigh your life decisions carefully. Self-representation might be cheaper in the immediate future, but an experienced attorney raises your chances of success in any court of law in the long run. When it comes to speeding tickets, you’ve got a lot at risk; consider not just your pocketbook, but also your driving record, your ability to transport yourself and your personal reputation. Hiring a ticket lawyer could be your best bet at winning your case.

The Ticket Clinic has been fighting speeding tickets for over 30 years, working on behalf of millions of motorists in situations just like yours. They provide convenient, affordable representation by experienced, real-world legal professionals, and they serve all 58 counties throughout the state of California. Protect yourself and your right to drive—visit the Ticket Clinic today.

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