Top 10 Fastest Cars

These exotic beasts are the 2013-14 best velocity cars. With velocity varies from 268 mph to 217 mph. These super-speed machines leave every one gape and wonder how perfectly these are created with super engines and astonishing exterior. Take a look:-

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

This car has done it all. Like 2012, it has won the title of “The Fastest Car of 2013” as well.
With a top speed of 268 mph produced by 1200 horse power, it leaves behind all rivals.
$ 2.4 million is its price, although high but defiantly what else you expect to pay for a fastest car on earth?


Hennessey Venom GT

This auto is the direct and only close-rival of Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Its designer is a competitor of the world record. Venom produces 1200 horsepower which push it to 260 mph. its price is $ 950,000 only.
There are reports that it could hit 275 mph which is a speed even higher than Bugatti, but this claim has not yet tested or proven and as a result giving it the title of the top speed car is not intelligible for many sporty-freaks.


Koenigsegg Agera R

This sleak Swedish marvel is a great machine to run on snow, ski and skate without panic. Top speed it brings is 260 mph with housing 1099 horse power. Its price starts from $ 260,000. It is fuel-efficient too having 5.0 L double turbo V8.
Its Aircore Technology has produced super-light carbon wheel.


SSC Ultimate Aero

This dashing vehicle produces 257 mph at its best. It takes out 1183 horse power from its twin-turbo V8 engines. Guinness World Record has tested this marvel well. It was the best velocity car from 2007 till July 2010, when Koenigsegg Agera broke its record and now this car is at number 4 on our list. Moreover, it has entirely a carbon-fiber body.


Porsche 9FF GT9-R

Porche maintains the place number 5 by its 9FF. with horse power 1120 produced from flat-6 twin-turbo engines, it leaps to 257 mph.  it is best for racing at longer courses for it’s a fuel-efficient model with super-performance. Its price is $ 695.000.


Its light-weighting wheels are reliable and ready to race anytime.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

Bugatti Automobile Company cannot stop making vehicles that stun us. This auto is a super-speed convertible with sexy design and high performance. It has turbocharged 7.9 L 16-cylinder engine. Its speed at peak is 254 mph. This super coup is $ 2.4 million.


Bugatti EB Veyron

Like its sister-cars, EB is also speedy and racy. With powerful W16 engine 16-cylinder; it is equal to a V8 engine. You can drive it with full self-regulating transmission. Its proven speed is 253 mph. it is appealing and costly as well. EB price tag is $ 2 million.


Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

Saleen S7 is a beauty with all wits. Having a V-8 twin turbo engine which let it plunge to 248 mph and extracts 750 horse powers… it is built to make records. Attracts in performance and design both. It is thrilling to ride on. It is nearly eight years old still a hot favorite of sports car-lovers. This double door coup is a mid-engine back wheel-drive. Saleen’s basic price is $ 555,000 only.


McLaren F1

It is said that “Old is Gold”, McLaren F1 has proved it. For fifteen year, it retains its top-speed class. It first appeared in famous car video-game “Need for Speed II” in 2007. It was topping every time in the game version with 240 mph. Having a massive V12 engine which churn out 627 horse power, this car baits all in real life too. It has the fastest sticker price of $ 815,000.


Lamborghini Aventador LP 700

The Spanish legendry beast “Lamborghini Aventador” used to won all bullfighting competitions. This car is inspiration of that Legend. It is strong and powerful like a fighting bull.


In Italy, Lamborghini Company is known for producing top speed cars; LP 700 is the latest velocity car out with 217 miles per hour super speed. It wrings out 700 Hp while its price is around $ 376,000.

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