Top 3 Viper Cars

Here are the three best viper cars:

SRT Viper sports car

The king is back and it is ready to rule the world. During the New York international auto show, Chrysler exposed its latest ultra-sleek, comprising a new design and various new features, SRT Viper sports car which is quick and excellent.

As compare to previous model, the engine of new model is 25 pounds lighter. The new Viper model also contains cruise controller and traction, and control of strength to benefit drivers’ improved movement the car.


Also, it exists in combination with connectivity system “Uconnect Access”. It offers drivers which will access extra info, services of emergency, entertainment like SiriusXM as well as enhanced graphics. 8.4-inch touchscreen is in this system together with buttons used for functions, plus outdated handles for tuning volume and bands of radio.

Sweet SRT Viper Time Attack

If anyone wants to make their neighbors jealous, then go for the latest SRT Viper Time Attack. The team of SRT offered latest Viper with features range to enhance performance comprising of each performance-options obtainable on many Viper models. It holds Carbon Fiber Aerodynamics Kit in addition with a Track Pack that gives light-weight brakes of high-performance, suspension, tires and wheels. The brakes present in this model are quite large.

Dodge SRT Viper GT3-R

Another SRT Viper GT3-R is the further modification of high-built GTS-R GTE racer class run in 2013 by SRT Motorsports whole day of “Le Mans plus” Series “American Le Mans”. Almost, each technology settled for GTS-Rs factory by the Chrysler Group used for engine, suspension, chassis, and electronics besides aerodynamics is filled in each Viper GT3-R model. This is a chance to gather the factory race program information in a speed of 200 mph. The model is constructed builds after GTS-R success. The framework is furnished with advanced aerodynamic package to improve car handling.

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