The Land Cruiser, Toyota’s Truly Capable Off-Roader

When it comes to off-road vehicles, there are a few models on the market that make the grade. From the rugged Land Rover Defender to the luxurious Jeep Grand Cherokee. There’s something out there for everyone!

Now, Toyota isn’t a brand you’d usually associate with off-roading. After all; their prowess is affordable family motoring. But, you’ve probably forgotten about their excellent Land Cruiser model.

Sure, it might not be at the top of everyone’s 4×4 list when buying a new off-roader. The thing is, today’s Land Cruisers pack plenty of punch. Here’s why you need to consider one if you’re in the market for a 4×4:


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Choice of diesel engines

As you can appreciate, a diesel engine is useful for off-roading. Especially on long-distance runs. Toyota offers a choice of three power plants that one can select from when buying the Land Cruiser:

The 2.8 D-4D boasts 174 brake horsepower and a combined fuel consumption of 38 MPG. The 3.0 version offers an extra 10 horsepower. The only downside is the lower combined fuel economy of 34 MPG.

For those seeking the ultimate in power, there is a 4.0 V8 diesel version available. That engine boasts a handy 268 brake horsepower! For most uses, the 2.8 D-4D engine is the one to select. All engines are available with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Affordable used examples available on the market

The price to buy a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser might put some people off. But, it’s possible to grab a bargain by going down the secondhand car route. Dealers like Currie Motors Toyota often sell used Land Cruisers fast due to high demand. It’s worth viewing one as soon as it becomes available for that reason!

A 4×4 that does what it promises

The trouble with some 4x4s on the market is they are useful off the road. They end up getting stuck and leave drivers confused why they can’t navigate a muddy track!

It’s a well-known fact that the Toyota Land Cruiser is an off-roader that does what it promises. Even the motoring press love the car!

A comfortable cruiser on the road

Despite the Land Cruiser’s off-road credentials, it’s still a comfortable vehicle on the tarmac! It doesn’t matter whether you do short local journeys or long cross-country ones. The latest generation Toyota Land Cruiser will make you not want to leave the cabin!

The handling setup on the latest generation uses a sophisticated setup. Whether you drive on or off the road, it will adapt well to its environment.

A commanding view of the road ahead

It’s plain to see that you’ve got a high driving position in the Toyota Land Cruiser. That’s precisely what you need with a 4×4. Especially if you need to negotiate dips in the road. As such, the Toyota Land Cruiser makes you feel confident behind the wheel.

Final thoughts

You’ve no doubt got a few options on your 4×4 shortlist. I recommend putting the Toyota Land Cruiser at the top of it. When you take one out for a test drive, you’ll understand why I suggest buying one!

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