Volkswagen Golf R – Review

Volkswagen is the largest automotive company in the automobile industry producing the most successful cars with so beautiful designs.

Looking for a car with an honest review?

It has become really hard to trust all these people that you meet in these car shows who represent different cars. How can anyone trust them? They never talk about the actual pros and cons of a car and just emphasize on how good the car would look on the person and the certain personality that the car has and how it resembles to that person.

Of course they want to sell and they do not worry or care about the fact that their wrong information could mislead a person into making a decision that he would regret. It is so hard to get an honest review these days. This is exactly why we have written this article to show you, the actual pros and cons of this 2012 Volkswagen model.


Volkswagen Golf R

The 2012 Volkswagen Golf R is being called as the ‘discerning man’s boy racer’.  After about 4 years the dual clutch R32 (automatic only), the Volkswagen returns to the scene yet once again. Now, this version of Volkswagen has dropped quite a lot of options that were present on the previous model. For example, they have given up the automatic just to support the manual. They have given up the six cylinders for a 2.0-liter turbo four to which makes a horsepower of 256 and has a torque of about 243 pound-feet.

Pros and Cons of the VW R

However it seems that manual shifting cannot actually compete with t he R32’s launch control. The car has one advantage though which is, that in 23.1 seconds it reaches 120mph. The speed and the torque build up firmly and smoothly. The engine is stealthy when running which is a major plus point.


When comparing the 2012 Volkswagen R to any other car like, Subaru Impreza or even Mitsubishi Lancer it is expected that the Volkswagen takes a longer time to slow down or stop, and corners quite softly and runs at its gradual speed. As far as the pricing is concerned people seem to hesitate spending $31000 and a four grand on the performance of the car. The car already comes with a $1500 package which includes a sunroof, an upgraded stereo, a keyless entry and a navigation system


What really sets this car apart is the subtle styling. It gives it an advantage over other cars because the rear drive axle balances the weight much better than the previous models. The way the car turns in is so brilliant and crisp that there is still a lot of talk being done about this. The design is luscious and luxurious and comfort is guaranteed. Well this sum up all that you need to know about the 2012 Volkswagen R. It outlines the positives as well as the negatives of the car.


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