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Lexus LC500 review

When you think of luxury car brands, we wouldn’t blame you for casting your mind to the Germans. Their cars are prime examples of luxury, refinement and value for money. However, they’re not the only manufacturers in this sector, Jaguar and Maserati can fit into this segment too, but if you really want to stand out, Lexus is the way to go.

Our roads are filled with boring saloons and hatchbacks that all vaguely resemble each other. If you buy the Lexus however, there’s no risk of being ignored. The contour grille is an instant eye-catcher and the sharply defined headlights will have everyone craning their necks to catch another glimpse.

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Trucks and Trailers

Buying a Truck for Business: 3 Saving Tips

In a previous article about things to consider when buying a used car, one point was very clear: the purchase price of a car isn’t the only cost factor to consider when buying a used (or new) car. The same point can be applied to businesses buying commercial vehicles for their fleets.

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It is also important for businesses to maximize their investments in cars and trucks by taking the necessary steps to save money. By lowering the costs of owning a truck, your business can have a better return on investment (ROI). To help you get started, here are the three saving tips to keep in mind when buying a truck for business purposes.

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Why You Should Never Represent Yourself After Getting a Speeding Ticket

Exceeding the speed limit: most drivers have done it before, and many have received costly tickets as result. Unfortunately, not every traffic stop is based on a legitimate infraction, and many individuals have been penalized due circumstances such as human error or technology failure. Avoiding unjust punishment means fighting these types of charges, and you always stand a better chance at success with a qualified attorney in your corner.

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